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MediSmart SmartServe Packages


As the original designers and manufacturers of Hybrid systems, MediSmart Technologies Ltd is a by-product of over 40 years of specialist engineering within the medical device industry. MediSmart Technologies Ltd  is a unique business established to provide cutting-edge technology in medical device products, designed and manufactured under one roof at our plant based in Bedfordshire, United Kingdom.


What sets us apart from competition is our ability to control our design and manufacturing processes while providing a holistic product (and service) offering that  is rare but authentic in satisfying the ever increasing demands of the medical device market. Our Smartserve maintenance and service offering uses genuine original parts that trace their origins to original designs of specific pressure relief hybrid products currently on the market.


To date, we have designed and manufactured over one hundred thousand devices sold globally. As these designs have evolved, our  enhanced Smartserve servicing and maintenance activities ensure that all existing hybrid products are maintained and upgraded where possible to keep abreast with our continuous quality improvement efforts which gives the user/client unparalleled peace of mind.


As the original designers and manufacturers of specific pressure relief hybrid products, we take pride in our work that we follow up your enhanced Smartserve servicing and maintenance package with a 12 months extended warranty where product(s) may not be in warranty anymore - please ask for our certified 12-month warranty when you speak to us.  All this is carried out at your premises by our specialist technicians.


Where systems have been upgraded we will then offer you a certified 12 month warranty on the pump unit to give peace of mind.


Based on your specific needs, business model, or circumstances, there are several enhanced Smartserve packages on offer, all focusing on serving the patient/user's well-being and health outcomes. Where a custom package may be required we will work with you to ensure the best package for your needs developed.











Benefits offered:-




PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE - the road to your unparalleled 5 year extended warranty (on new products supplied by Medismart Technologies Ltd)


REGULATORY + SAFETY requirements servicing/maintenance - for a safe environment


FULLY TRAINED TECHNICIANS - fully trained and supported by the designers and manufacturer


ORIGINAL PARTS USED -  Authentic, Original parts straight from the original designers and manufacturers;


UPGRADED TO LATEST SPECIFICATION - Continuous quality improvement through our Enhanced Smartserve Servicing and Maintenance



  (Units up to five years old)


TECHNICAL SUPPORT HOTLINE from our UK offices - Designed, manufactured and supported by 'first-hand' technical support


Completely open and unfettered factory visit to establish authenticity to our claims - we design and manufacture, in addition to assembly and testing of final products

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